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Has Florida's recent onslaught of hurricanes shown a political bias? Do the allegedly unbiased atmospheric forces show a lean to the left or the right?

Here at WTF Action News, we researched county-by-county results from the 2000 presidential appointment election in Florida, and then mapped the state in red and blue:

Looks like the hurricanes have been going easy on the Democratic counties. Bonnie (which, OK, was actually just a tropical storm, but here at WTF Action News we sometimes play it loose with the facts if it will help make for a good story) missed Tallahassee (which is in the blue region to the west of the track).

Charley's charge toward the the Tampa Bay area (which went blue in 2000) was aborted (and we all know Democrats love abortions); instead, Charley wreaked havoc on the 13th Congressional District, base of... you guessed it... GOP puppet Katherine Harris. Charley also showed a gentle and tender touch with homosexual hotspot Key West, giving the vulnerable island community a light slap on the behind.

Lastly, Frances picked the one red county (Martin) on the SE Florida coast as its point of entry, rather than plowing into the greater Miami area or heading north to Daytona Beach, both blue strongholds. Now the Republicans have another reason to hate anything French; perhaps this storm should be renamed Hurricane Freedom.

Furthermore, in nearly every case where a storm track did go through a blue county, it was after the storm had crossed the peninsula and had weakened considerably. This is a shallow and obvious attempt to appear unbiased, but the reality is that these storm tracks have been anything but fair and balanced. Try as they may, these tropical trollops can't fool the experts here at the WTF Action News Storm Team.

Next up is Ivan, and we can instantly tell by the name that this is a Communist storm. And since Communists and Democrats are indistinguishable, we're certain that the blue counties will be spared again. The current forecast track for Ivan points, generally, at the west coast rather than the east coast, increasing the chances that a red county will again be targeted. That's why we're glad to be here in left-leaning Alachua County, a big blue blob in a sea of cracker red(neck) counties.

With on-the-spot reporting and expert analysis, the WTF Action News Storm Team works hard for YOU!
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