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Our neighborhood just had a visit from the WTF News Storm Team. The following report was filed:

See a 3.44 MB Quicktime movie of this report.
Sorry for the lack of audio... the weather is creating technical difficulties

Greetings, folks, Sam Hamm here in northwest Gainesville for the WTF News Storm Team coverage of Hurricane Frances. The skies are looking ominous right now as we anticipate another rain band to pass through shortly. My brand new On The Spot WTF News Storm Team Action Report Rain Gauge shows nearly two inches of rain have fallen this afternoon, and the Official WTF News Storm Team Anemometer is telling us there is a moderate breeze, as you can see the tie flapping away from the pole.

Wow, conditions are really picking up! The wind has increased and the rain is pelting me in the eyes! I don't know how much longer I can stand out here in these conditions and continue to file reports for the WTF News Storm Team. If you are watching this report from home, please, do not go out in this storm! You can see it is not safe, and that only a fool would be out in this weather. And, as always, you should NEVER drive through water of unknown depth! The WTF News Storm Team wants you to be safe!

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Help!!! Help!!! I'm getting blown away by Hurricane Frances!! Do not venture out into this storm, I repeat, do not venture out into this storm!! It is very dangerous!! Only a moron would be out in this!!

*Ahem* I'm Sam Hamm, reporting for the WTF News Storm Team. Back to you in the studio...
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