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Dr. Jeff Masters runs the Weather Underground site, and we here at the KWTF Action News Storm Team know from reading his blog the past couple of years that the guy knows his stuff regarding hurricanes. An independent forecaster, he can make observations and analysis regarding storms without the pressures faced by the National Hurricane Center, who, like NASA, has to dance more to the beat of politicians and public opinion than to science. His work is solid. All hurricane forecasts are to be taken with a grain of salt, since there is a lot of imprecision in the forecasts, but we here at the KWTF Action News Storm Team generally take his with a smaller grain of salt than those of the NHC.

He's not tentative, nor is he opinionated or reckless, but he calls things like he sees them, admitting that there is a margin of error. We here at the KWTF Storm Team have long followed his forecasts. Government agencies can't honestly admit imperfection, since it provides ammunition to those who seek to cut their funding. It is safer for the agency to hem and haw and hedge than to be wrong. That hesitation and ineptness was a direct contributor to the situation we've had in New Orleans. No one had the balls to make a potentially unpopular (or "wrong") decision, and even if they had, a systematic head-in-the-sand approach to the NOLA-hurricane timebomb has long pre-emptively emasculated such a choice.

In his blog tonight, Dr. Masters pulled off the gloves and spoke his mind. It's good reading for those interested in the disconnect we've witnessed between bureaucracy and meteorology this past week.
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